Class Action Dismissed: Evaluators Can Lie about Mothers with Impunity

On the front page of the Denver Gazette in large bold letters, the headline reads: “Judge rules parenting evaluators get immunity”.

Well, not exactly. The judge just dismissed a class action lawsuit filed by a group of mothers against one evaluator. He based his ruling on a law that grants quasi-judicial immunity to court-appointed officials. But, yes, by dismissing the lawsuit, he is affirming that all evaluators get immunity.

The Gazette reported on the filing of this lawsuit in March: Class-action suit filed against parental evaluator who said he disbelieves 90% of domestic violence allegations, but that apparently did not merit front page status. The dismissal did—a very clear, public message to mothers (and their attorney) from the OBN (Old Boy Network) via MSM (mainstream media) to not to truck with that foolishness anymore! After all, reports by biased evaluators play an important role in keeping fathers empowered in the family: they give the judges something to hang their hat on when switching custody.

Immunity is part and parcel of the rigged, sexist system. Of course the OBN is going to ensure immunity for anyone who helps to keep men empowered in the family. Evaluators would be useless if they were able to be held accountable for their lies about mothers and concealment of abuse by fathers.

Lastly, there is some good news! The evaluator in this class-action lawsuit was suspended: Colorado custody evaluator suspended amid criticism of evaluation industry.

One down, thousands to go. Unfortunately, there will always be more to take their place…

Source: Class Action Dismissed: Evaluators Can Lie about Mothers with Impunity

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