Detransition: Provoke much needed conversations today

We have recently launched a new book in our Spinifex Shorts series – Detransition: Beyond Before and After – a brave and thoughtful book from Max Robinson who goes beyond the ‘before’ and ‘after’ of the transition she underwent. The book takes us through the processes that led her, first to transition in an attempt to get relief from her distress, and then to detransition as she discovered feminist thought and community.

Detransition makes a case for a world in which all medical interventions for the purpose of assimilation are open to criticism. This book is a far reaching discussion of women’s struggles to survive under patriarchy, which draws upon a legacy of radical and lesbian feminist ideas to arrive at conclusions.

Max Robinson’s bold discussion of both transition and detransition is meant to provoke a much-needed conversation about who benefits from transgender medicine and who has to bear the hidden cost of these interventions.

Source: Detransition: Provoke much needed conversations today

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