Female leaders aren’t trusted, says ANU study – Lawyers Weekly

According to research by the Australia National University (ANU), female leaders aren’t trusted by their colleagues.

Lead research author Dr Eun Young Song commented on the negative impact this can have: “It’s great to help women move up the ladder, but this study shows even when they do succeed, women aren’t likely to be trusted by the people around them.

“We found [that] despite the fact these women are often in supervisory roles, and are well connected, their high status doesn’t benefit them.”

“Efforts to achieve gender equality should be paired with a society-wide push to break down these gender-status beliefs,” said Dr Song.

“Without this, promoting more women to more senior positions won’t solve the problem — and may even exacerbate it. We need to move beyond simply telling individual women to improve their communication skills.”


Source: Female leaders aren’t trusted, says ANU study – Lawyers Weekly

3 thoughts on “Female leaders aren’t trusted, says ANU study – Lawyers Weekly”

  1. But who’s ‘simply telling individual women to improve their communication skills’? ANU better get its research work together and improve its researching skills – my opinion. No woman out of the Women’s Movement has said that! Yes assertiveness training was all the rage there for a while, but please do some research – for example into the Women’s Voices, Women’s Lives series published by Artemis Publishing, Melbourne, in the 1990s (8-10 books), Dirferent Lives – Reflections on the Women’s Movement and Visions of its Future, 1983, Penguin Australia, Melbourne, Victoria … and read The Sexual Gerrymander – Women and the Economics of Power, 1994 and what about The Incredible Woman – Power and Sexual Politics …? and I could go on. We all – women out here with any sense – know it’s the ‘colleagues’ who have to be brought kicking and screaming into a world which dumps misogyny and stereotyping and addresses them as systemic phenomenon. Honestly! Who did this ‘research’???

  2. PS Susan Ryan when Senator for the ACT did research on ‘trust’ and members of Parliament – which showed that the voters trust women MPs way over men MPs … did the ANU ‘researchers’ bother to hunt that research down? Did/do they even know it was done and exists?

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