The world plays dumb with J.K. Rowling

In some ways, it is depressing to witness the level of celebration (sane) women relayed online in response to Rowling’s tweet. It is sad that phrases like “people who menstruate” have been so normalized that to question them seems revolutionary.There was immediate backlash. Rowling was called a “TERF,” “evil,” a bitch, “scum,” and much more.

Model and trans activist Munroe Bergdorf accused the author of being “transphobic” and said Rowling and other reality-believers constituted “another branch of white supremacy.”

Ben O’Keefe, former senior aide to Sen. Elizabeth Warren, responded, “Shut the fuck up you transphobic fuck.”

I have never understood how anyone could stand by quietly and watch the existence of women be eroded, or say nothing while our friends and colleagues insist those who understand the dictionary definition of “woman” are bigoted. And it seems Rowling has finally gotten to the end of her rope.

Source: The world plays dumb with J.K. Rowling

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