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A popular transgender TikToker in Australia is facing multiple charges related to the repeated sexual abuse of a child.

Rachel Queen Burton, 44, has been accused of crimes including the production of child exploitation material and gross indecency. In total, Burton is facing 8 charges, all of which appear to stem from a child victim who was repeatedly abused throughout 2019. While Burton is from Australia’s Northern Territory, the crimes were committed in the Southern state.

Burton’s case was first reported by The Advertiser, which referred to Burton as a “woman” and utilized feminine pronouns for him.

His birth name has not yet been verified, but it is known that Burton is the father of four children, all of whom seem to be tattooed on his chest. He does not appear to have lived with the children at any point in the last year, which is when his TikTok account was launched.

Magistrate Simon Smart opted to remand Burton to custody. A hearing on the charges is expected in December. It is currently unknown if he is being housed in the male or female estate, but Australian law is notoriously lax on gender self-identification.

In August, female inmates at Australia’s largest women’s correctional facility in Victoria launched a petition to have a trans-identified male sex offender removed out of fears for their own safety.

While the name of the transferred inmate was not released to the public, Reduxx determined that the details from the criminal’s background mirror that of Lisa Jones, a trans-identified male who had been sentenced to 3 years and 3 months in prison for sexually assaulting a woman last year. During his trial, it was revealed that Jones also had a prior record for sexually abusing a 6-year-old girl in Germany.

Source: AUS: Trans TikToker Facing Multiple Child Sexual Abuse Charges – Reduxx

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