‘She cut all her hair off in the middle of the night and also said she was a boy’ | Kidspot

When Justine’s* 11-year-old daughter came home from school last year wanting to borrow her mum’s work rainbow flag lanyard and talking about demiboys, pansexual and transexual – she thought it was sweet.

But the zealous encouragement of her teacher to help Eve transition to Ewan without Justine’s consent has left her feeling helpless and suffering breakdowns.

Justine says she first realised her daughter, who was “introverted” and “struggled socially”, was possibly suffering gender dysphoria was when she came home from sex education and told her she wanted to change her name to Ollie.

“I was taken aback and didn’t know how to respond. I kind of bought into it and thought, ‘oh she’s one of them’ (a transexual). But then when other kids in her class came out one by one, I started to think this is not right and I started researching,” she explains to Kidspot.

Justine, who works as a social worker supporting parents of teenage children, said she explained to the teacher that they wanted to wait and watch and were having assessments done, but the following day she overheard the teacher talking to Eve at the end of an online class.

“She started by saying, ‘I’m very proud of you. ‘We know your mum doesn’t understand this, but I do, and I am here for you and if you want to use the different gendered toilets and be called Ollie, I’ll sort it out’,” the distraught mum says.

However, the teacher called Justine to advise her she was arranging a meeting with the Department of Education to educate her on the research into outcomes for children if they aren’t affirmed.

She fears Eve is now on the slippery slope to wanting to medically transition, trying to buy a chest binder online and asking whether ‘T’, testosterone is a tablet or injection.

Source: ‘She cut all her hair off in the middle of the night and also said she was a boy’ | Kidspot

One thought on “‘She cut all her hair off in the middle of the night and also said she was a boy’ | Kidspot”

  1. The obscenity of having such terribly loose professional boundaries leaves me lost for words.

    And the dangers for a young girl if she is confused and ‘affirmed’ by a teacher who is actively demonstrating splitting behaviour are horrendous. The legal situation alone is interesting. Would you sue the school or the teacher in question?

    And then, how infected is the judiciary with this pseudo psycho babble?

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