Greens provoke outrage for ‘erasing’ women in pregnancy

The NSW Greens have attempted to delete the word “woman” 23 times from new laws protecting unborn babies — sparking outrage at what has been described as a “campaign to erase” the gender.
The attempted amendments were eventually shot down but feminists have raised concerns about an ongoing “war” against women by the left-wing political party, saying they were “destroying the rights of women”.
Even grassroots Greens feminist members say they are now reconsidering their membership as a result.
Sydney lawyer Katherine Deves, co-founder of Save Women’s Sport, said the Greens had tried to silence women standing up for ­female rights.
“We should not be erasing women for a very demanding and vocal extremist minority group that want to devalue the importance of biological sex in favour of a personal belief about gender identity,” she said.
Feminist Legal Clinic Anna Kerr, herself a member of the Greens party, said she was “extremely disturbed” about the move.
“As a long-term member of the NSW Greens, I am having to reconsider my ongoing support for the party,” she said.
“Only women can be pregnant and efforts to obscure this biological reality by the NSW Greens damages more than just their credibility.
“The profitable sex-change industry is actively harming many vulnerable people, including children.”
“I have been actively involved as a human rights lawyer in opposing the introduction of Zoe’s Law over many years and I am also a member of the NSW Greens Women’s Working Group.”
She said she was not consulted about the attempt to delete “women”.
“Despite the Greens commitment to grassroots democracy, I don’t think the general membership is aware of the extent of harm being done by extreme trans ideology because all debate on this subject is actively suppressed.”



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