Morning after pill shaming: Women share their stories.

Emergency contraception may be easier to access than ever before – however, the surrounding stigma is still thriving.

It could be the fact that a pharmacist can still refuse to distribute the pill on ‘moral ground’ – referring you to another supplier. It seems outrageous, but the fact is that religious beliefs can still interfere with a women’s reproductive rights.

One woman writes: “The last time I got it several years back they took a photocopy of my license. The pharmacist was awful, suggesting it [must be] “for a friend” and being disparaging of my age. My male partner has purchased another for me since with zero paperwork and a pat on the back for being a good guy.”

To supply this medicine, Australian pharmacists are required to know who it is for, why they need to take it, how long it has been post-intercourse, details about if they have had previous unprotected intercourse this month, and details about the patient’s menstrual cycle.

However, as can be inferred from numerous women’s experiences, some of the questions asked are undeniably prying and seemingly off-topic in reference to the safety, effectiveness, and side effects of the medicine – such as probing into the customer’s relationship status and their reasons for wanting the pill.

Source: Morning after pill shaming: Women share their stories.

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  1. Good Lord is that still occurring. That happened to me in Campsie sixty years ago. When I ‘phoned the doctor complaining he said chemist had every right! The trouble was the the chemist kept the script? Just thinking about it now makes me very angry!

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