Transgender world champion fencer branded ‘entitled cheat’

A transgender fencer competing in the over-70s women’s category has been branded an “entitled cheat” after beating a 14-time champion for a world title.

Liz Kocab, representing America, claimed victory over Finland’s Marja-Liisa Someroja, 77,  in the Women’s Epee of the 2023 Veteran Fencing World Championships in Florida over the weekend.

The competitor complained about the inclusion of another trans woman, Edin Philpot, telling the Daily Mail it felt “unfair, ill-thought and short-sighted”.

Before transitioning, Ms Philpot competed in men’s events and has been competing in women’s events since 2022, winning four gold medals and two silver in a matter of months.

As a student, Ms Kocab competed in a male championship team and was inducted into the Detroit Mercy Titans Hall of Fame in 1987.

Source: Transgender world champion fencer branded ‘entitled cheat’

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