Row over watchdog’s warning on Sydney trans soccer player

Australia’s cyber security watchdog has served a notice to an overseas “pro-woman” magazine to remove a story that named a transwoman playing soccer in Sydney, and has also approached Twitter to remove links to the article.
The national eSafety Commissioner Julie Inman Grant served a notice to Reduxx independent website advising them to “heavily censor or delete” an article they published which revealed the identity of a transgender woman, following allegations of injuries to female players and “unfair” competition.
“In addition to demanding we remove or censor the article, the eSafety Commissioner advised Twitter we had broken Australian law,” the Canadian-based Reduxx editor Anna Slatz told readers.
“Twitter then informed us the content would be withheld in Australia.
“After a comprehensive analysis of the compelling arguments presented by the eSafety Commissioner, including that it was ‘offensive’ to have called (the player) a ‘man’, Reduxx has decided to leave the article up without alteration.”
The Canadian editor mocked the edict, saying “What are they going to do, throw a boomerang at me? I am in Canada.”
Another small overseas website, Ovarit also received a warning on April 26 from the Australian eSafety Commissioner, claiming comments made underneath one of their stories about the soccer player “degraded and targeted” her on the basis of gender identity.
“Ovarit users have repeatedly misgendered (the player) referring to her using he/him pronouns,” the Cyber Abuse Team at the eSafety Commissioner office warning letter stated.
Asked what Australian laws were broken, the office of the eSafety commissioner said it would not comment on specific cases but issued a statement:
“Importantly, when assessing whether content constitutes adult cyber abuse, context does matter and content that might not be seen as harmful by one group, may cause great trauma to another especially if it targets someone’s sexuality, ethnicity, disability, or even gender identity.
“If material is deemed to have reached this threshold, eSafety favours an informal request for removal to the site or platform on which the material appears in the first instance.”
Twitter has now restricted the Reduxx article for Australians, claiming it “violates the laws of Australia.”

Source: Row over watchdog’s warning on Sydney trans soccer player

One thought on “Row over watchdog’s warning on Sydney trans soccer player”

  1. I would have thought that the ‘e safety’ commissioner would have their work cut out keeping child pornography off the internet rather than getting all hot under the collar about calling a male soccer player playing with a women’s team a ‘man’.

    Which he so obviously is.

    To anyone with a brain and even a basic grasp of scientific literacy…

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